How Would You Like More Money?

You would, wouldn’t you?  We all would!

What if I told you there’s a direct correlation between decluttering, getting organized and the amount in your bank account?

It’s true.  Think about it for a moment.  If you have a lot of clutter and are not organized, how many times have you:

  • Purchased a replacement item because you couldn’t locate it?
  • Purchased extra items such as groceries because your pantry and kitchen cabinets are cluttered and unorganized–a good declutter and you’d realize you have six bags of flour because you don’t have your baking items together and the clutter obscures items?
  • Spent money on items you simply don’t need/single-use items/specialty items?

It might seem like negligible amounts–spending a few dollars here and there because you can’t find your house key, flashlight, travel coffee cup, socks, (insert any random object here)…or you find yourself buying another bag of sugar, bottle of vinegar, package of spices.

Seems like small amounts dribbling out here and there, but they add up quickly!  All of those small amounts could be saved or invested, working for you, instead of going up on smoke on unnecessary stuff.

Living life with less can bring you more money!  Besides decluttering and getting your home organized and finding the best methods to keep your belongings organized, learning to live less will change your perspective on STUFF.  I guarantee it.  You won’t miss your clutter. In fact, you will look for ways to continue to winnow down what you have.  Your entire relationship to stuff as a consumer will change.

Your eyes will be open to the unwinnable race that companies and big advertising have us running.  Why not take yourself off the track and put yourself on a path of your own choosing, where you decide how and when to spend your money?

You will learn to be more discerning about the items that you encounter when out shopping.  You will learn to ask yourself if you REALLY need that item.  Does that item have a use in your simpler life?  Does that item bring value back into your home?  Does it replace an item that you will then be able to donate/toss?  Is that item of the best possible quality that you can reasonably afford so that you will care for it and use it with pleasure for many years?

Oh yes, friends.  Getting decluttered and organized are just the first steps to a wonderful lifestyle change, one that includes saving money!

And wouldn’t we all love more money?  Not to use on stuff, but maybe as a down payment for a new home, or a trip to Italy, a family cruise, college savings for our children, retirement…experiences, celebrations and milestones?

I sure would.  I know you would too, so let’s get going!  Let me come to your home and start showing you the path to less stuff and more life.  You won’t regret it!