Orderly Home Organizer

Hi friends and neighbors!  I’m turning over a new leaf…introducing Orderly Home, sister site to PCS Prepper!

Don’t worry, PCS Prepper is still alive and well and I’ll definitely write here about topics relating to PCS and military life!  My original intent was to help military spouses “stress less over their next PCS” and that’s still alive and well.

However…I noticed that there are a lot of non-military folks here in the DC area who need my services.  PCS Prepper doesn’t quite scream “Hello, I am a professional home organizer!” for anyone who doesn’t know what a PCS is.

And thus, Orderly Home was born.

I hope that I can help you learn more about simplifying your life, decluttering, getting organized and all the little life-changing ideas that go hand-in-hand with these ideals.  If you want to get started, just click on the “Contact Me” button up top or e-mail me at orderlyhomeorganizer@gmail.com!

Ready?  Let’s go!

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