Recent Clients

Hi All–

I have been very busy over here at Orderly Home/PCS Prepper!  Word is slowly but surely getting out that I can work minor miracles on your clutter–I’m so thankful for all the comments, e-mails and calls!  I’m looking forward to meeting some of you soon for your consultations.

I thought I’d take a moment to write about a couple of my more recent clients.  Both of them are moving soon and need to declutter to make their moves as streamlined and lightweight as possible.  It never makes sense to live with a lot of clutter, but it really doesn’t make sense when you have to put everything you own into a box, put those boxes into a truck, drive that truck somewhere and unload all the boxes!

Don’t do that to yourself!

Whether you’re moving across the country or down the road, let’s get you in lean, mean fighting shape for your move or downsize!

Take a look at the before and after photos above from a recent client.  They had moved a lot of their furniture into their garage during a home remodeling project–it was packed from front to back.  They were ready to take everything out and sort through it prior to their move to determine what they would be taking with them and what they would donate or sell at their garage sale.

We moved everything out onto the driveway (thank goodness for one good sunny day, lately!) and they sorted through the items, then we moved some of the decluttered items back into the garage and I started helping them stage items for their garage sale.  I haven’t heard how it went, but hopefully they lost some weight and made some money!

Second moving tale–my amazing friend who just finished up her fourth session with me today.  She worked SO hard to really cut out the clutter in every room, closet and cabinet in her house–top to bottom.  Because she is moving, we did a lot of decluttering and a general organize–putting like items together will help ensure easier unpacking after their move.  Today, we worked in her home office, which is one of the toughest places to declutter, in my humble opinion.  Going through years worth of papers, receipts, junk mail, etc. is not the most exciting work–but we powered through.  If you see that big paper bag under her desk, it is full to the brim with items to take in and shred (tip:  take bulk shredding to Staples or Office Depot or check within your community for a shred day).

Congrats to both of my clients on their hard work and commitment to work hard when the task seems daunting!

Do you have an area of your home that clutter is taking over?  Does it seem insurmountable?  Well, you can see here that these two sessions made a huge difference in this garage and home office–and I know that I can make a difference in your space too!