What to Expect–Consultation

I have done six (6!) consultations in the last two weeks, which is really and truly amazing.  A big “thank you” to everyone who has called, e-mailed or contacted me through this website!

I thought I’d take a moment to talk about what to expect during the consultation, just so that if you’re considering contacting me for one, you’ll know what will happen.

I will be at your home at the agreed-upon time, with my clipboard and card, ready to take a quick tour of your home, specifically the areas that are causing you the most stress.  Is your home office overflowing with papers?  Let’s take a look.  Is the toddler’s room buried beneath a layer of toys?  Do you just need some help using a space more effectively?

Whatever it is, I am there to look and talk with you about what is happening in the room and what your vision is for that space, should you choose to hire me to come and help you declutter and/or get organized.

I may offer up a few tips while I’m in your space (“You could consider getting a filing cabinet–it would fit perfectly in “x” spot”), but the main focus of the consultation is to get a feel for your situation, what sort of work you’d like to have done and to give me a chance, as your organizer, to determine approximately how many hours it would take to get your space cleared and organized.

We will have a few minutes to chat after I look and hopefully, you’ll decide that you’d like to work with Orderly Home Organizer and book me on the spot for your first session!

And that, my friends, is the FREE 30-minute consultation!  If you’d like to schedule yours today, please e-mail me at orderlyhomeorganizer@gmail.com or message me through the contact forms on this page!