What to Expect–Session Time


Here’s a little about what to expect during an actual session with me.  Last week, I wrote about what happens during a consultation.  To recap that post, I come to your home and we talk about any areas that may be a concern to you or are stressing you out due to clutter or disorganization.  Generally, we agree on an area to start and set our first session date.

On our first session, I will come to your door armed with my red bin (items that stay) and my green bin (items that go), a bunch of trash bags and my trusty clipboard with your homework sheet attached.  What is homework?  Great question!  Homework is any task that we encounter while we work that you can tackle on your own after I leave to keep the decluttering/organizing project moving ahead.  The list might read:  “take clothes to dry cleaner”, “purchase storage bins for basement”, “drop old towels at humane society”.

I will try to remember to take a “before” picture before we get started on your chosen area–sometimes I get so excited to dig in that I forget!  Please rest assured that I will take care not to show any identifying objects such as your name/address, etc. and that I will not attach your name to any photos that I use.  You are completely anonymous unless you want to tell the world what an amazing time you had with PCS Prepper/Orderly Home Organizer!

After I snap that picture, it is time to get down to work!

If you need to declutter (and most people do–hey, even I declutter on a regular basis!), we will start with a good decluttering.  This means we need to open every door, explore every nook and cranny of the cupboards, pull clothes from the back of the closet and open every box and sort through the contents.

Some items will be easy for you to let go of–and some will be a little more difficult.  That’s OK.  I never make my clients get rid of an item that they want to keep, but I may ask questions about whether you use that item, love that item or need that item–and these questions may prompt you to really consider whether you DO need to keep certain items.

Decluttering takes stamina and time, especially if you have a lot of belongings and/or what type of items we will be sorting.  It’s generally easier to go through clothes, for example, than family photos or mementos.

If we will be organizing after decluttering, I do try to categorize the items that are still left so that putting them back into the closet/cupboard/shelving will be easier.

Once we are satisfied that we’ve decluttered as much as we can, I will help you organize the remaining items in a way that is easiest for you to use–because after all, organizing systems only work if they work for YOU.  I will need your input as to how often you use certain items, if you’d like them to be on a high shelf, close to the stove, stored elsewhere, etc.

If you have requested it, I will remove donated items (up to a certain amount–remember, I don’t have a U-Haul!), collect my fee and leave you with some detailed homework that will help you continue to carry on the process after I leave.  If you feel you need another session, we can book it at this time, too!

I hope this gives you some insight into what to expect during session time…please contact me if you’d like to schedule time with me or if you have any questions!