I’m Not Here to Judge

Do you want to contact me, but feel so embarrassed about your clutter and/or lack of organization that you don’t want anyone, much less someone who is more organized than the average human, to see it?

Are you afraid that I will make you throw everything away, leaving you with bare walls, no books, a capsule wardrobe and no memorabilia?

Do you keep putting off contacting me because you see me advertise and you know you need the help, but you keep telling yourself that you’re going to get to it…this weekend (and then it’s next weekend and pretty soon, another year has gone by and the situation has gotten worse)?

Well–I have news–I’m not here to judge!  Please don’t get me wrong, I do care why you’ve amassed clutter or why your organizing systems aren’t working.  I care about the underlying reasons why you might buy too many clothes or feel that you need to keep every gift that your mother-in-law gave you.  I care about these feelings, because they’re why you have amassed stuff and talking about those feelings can be revelatory.  Revelatory and freeing!

I’ve had so many clients who act nervous to show me the room, the closet, the cupboards that they need help with…they’re so apologetic.

Please don’t feel like you need to be apologetic about your situation, because we are all human.  We all have separate and distinct talents.  We all live differently and are wired differently.  Maybe you’re a really great defense attorney or good at jujitsu or play the bassoon in the National Symphony Orchestra.  Maybe you speak six languages or have written a book or are the best mom on the block.  Whatever it is–you have a talent.  Your talent just might not be decluttering and organizing.

I have a talent too–and that is listening and helping people let go of things that they don’t need/want/love, things that are cluttering their lives.  And then putting back the items they decide to keep.  That’s my talent and I want to share it with people, because I love to do it and I love seeing people’s look of relief when we finish up.

I’m not judging…I’m not silently thinking “Well…Mrs. Jones has really let things go around here!”.

Don’t let that be the reason you don’t get in touch with me.

Second–are you afraid that I’m a mean organizer?  That I’ll stand over you with a trash bag and force you to throw everything away, regardless of sentimental value?  I’m going to tell you something:  I have a bin of things that belonged to my grandfather, a man that I thought was a giant among men…and guess what?  I have an envelope of his beard clippings from his 1976 Bicentennial beard (apparently, it was a thing that year).  BEARD CLIPPINGS.  I can’t bear to throw them out.

Now, does that sound like someone who will make you throw things away?  Now obviously, I will offer a slightly opinion on your leopard-print stirrup pants from 1991, unless, of course, those were the leopard-print stirrup pants you got married in, but otherwise, I will likely ask you why you want to save such an item.

That’s my job…to suss out if you really and truly are using/loving/wanting all those things.  Usually, the answer is no and I barely have to coerce my clients into starting to fill the trash bags.  They’ve been wanting to for years and they finally have someone to stand and help them sort and hold them accountable for a few hours to GET IT DONE.

Third–I understand the drive to save money by thinking you can do something yourself.  I do things myself all the time.  For instance, I’ve been painting the hall bathroom for the last five or six weeks.  WEEKS.  Why?  Because I was convinced it would be a quick and easy project that I could do myself instead of calling in a painter.  Guess what?  I should have called a painter.  I know you think you’re going to get to it, but if you were, wouldn’t it have been done a long time ago?  In the meantime, those boxes/clutter sits there from week to week, taking up valuable real estate not only in your home, but in your mind and heart as well.

Therefore, you, my friend, should just call me.  Don’t be embarrassed.  Don’t be afraid of losing stuff.  And don’t be afraid of how much I cost, because I am about 3-4 times less expensive than your average organizer…I have seen ladies charging well over $100/hr and while I’m happy for them raking in the dough, I’m happy with $100 per four hour session.

I know my clients would agree that those $100 sessions are money well spent.  I know you will too, so let’s get started!

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