That Clutter in Your Home Used to be Money

Please take a moment and read this excellent article from Retire Before Dad…I could not have said it better myself, therefore, I’m linking to his words and sharing them with you!

I recently decluttered my daughter’s room.  She’s a bit of a packrat…I’m not sure where that tendency comes from (maybe from a having a mother who spirits your “treasures” away while you’re in school?  Or maybe because she’s very artistic and naturally accumulates more?)…but she loves “stuff”.  She keeps things like empty candy containers and plastic cups from restaurants and every.single. McDonald’s Happy Meal toy (even though I always tell the staff that we do NOT want the toy, thank you very much).

I broke one of my cardinal rules as an organizer and decluttered without her…I don’t generally recommend it, as obviously, it can lead to issues.  However.  My daughter has a level of junk in which items can be decluttered by me without her even being aware that the Force has been disrupted.  I’m talking candy wrappers, lone socks, dusty objects under her bed.  I wouldn’t dream of touching any of her artwork or special items, but all the stuff residing in the dark, dusty corners and crevices or her room are fair game.

I love this article from Retire Before Dad for any number of reasons:  because it’s so damn spot-on true, because it’s a little sad how much money, time and space we waste housing things that have little to no value in our lives or anyone else’s–and it’s usually a shock to find out that those items we thought were valuable or “might” be valuable really aren’t.

But the lines I loved the most were the ones about the adrenaline high of the furtive throw-away of a toy…we’ve all felt it, right?

Go on–read it and see for yourself!