Why I’m Breaking Up With Facebook

Hi Friends,

Last Friday, I decided to break up with Facebook.  For good this time.  Trust me, there have been many, many instances of me almost pushing that “deactivate account” button before.  Most of the time, I was making that almost decision in the heat of the moment, feeling stung, hurt, indignant, left out or not good enough.

This time, though, I feel as though I had a valid reason to leave Facebook behind.  And just to be clear–I suspended my account, I didn’t deactivate it, so it’s still there, whenever I feel like I could have enough self-control to log in for just a few minutes and check in with everyone.

The decision to let go of Facebook this time occurred because I just decided to take on a full-time job.  Yes, FULL…as in, 40 hours (plus) per week.  I haven’t worked a full-time job for almost 15 years, since before I met my husband and jumped onboard the rollercoaster of military life.

Once I (gulp) made the decision to accept the job offer, my mind immediately went into full-on organizer/planner mode.  I made 14 freezer suppers.  I printed an elaborate calendar detailing what we’d be having for supper every evening.  I designed a list of chores per child that were just right for having all their homework done, dinner started and the table set by the time I walk through the door.

Of course, I know there are going to be days when that schedule just gets shot to heck…but so far, it’s working.

Anyway, in terms of my own personal time, I knew I had to let go of some clutter.  I started by cleaning out my closet and getting a ThredUP bag (OK, two) of discarded clothes ready to go, then switching over to fall things.  As I used to do, I put together several work outfits and put them at the front of my closet rod along with necessary accessories–so easy to grab one in the morning and not stand around in a towel, wondering what to wear!

I bought a bunch of freezer meals and healthy snacks to stash in my desk at work.  I cleaned the house so I could start from fresh and scheduled areas to concentrate on in my precious free hour at the beginning of the day.

And I broke up with Facebook.  For years, Facebook has been sucking my time and energy.  There were moments on Facebook that were glorious and reconnecting with friends from the past (and staying connected with friends/family around the world) is great.  I just spent SO. MUCH. TIME. looking.  Scrolling.

I need to be more present in the time I have with my family in the evenings.  I need to focus on learning the ropes at work right now.  And I need to dump some clutter–Facebook might not seem like clutter, but it is.

I would like to say I’ll come back and start sharing posts for Orderly Home Organizer at some point, but I’m not sure what the future holds.  It’s one day at a time right now, baby!

I’ll still write here for now and share articles from time to time, so keep visiting me.

Oh, and I am still organizing, boots on ground–it will just have to be weekends, so if you are in the greater DC area and need some organizing help (and see, even the organizer needed a little organizing help!), give me a shout!