Garage Talk

So, if you head over to my “Before & After” page, you’ll see some updated pictures!  That’s right, the planets aligned and I was able to organize today.  I was not expecting to work in the garage, I feel like all the garages I’ve done have been in July/August in the deepest part of Virginia heat–but I (and my quite pregnant client) survived four hours of dirty, sweaty decluttering/organizing.  And we only ran across one dead bird and two dead mice…!

How’s your garage?  If you’re like most of my neighbors, it’s packed to the rafters with stuff.

Time for a lecture:  in case you haven’t heard, garages are for CARS.  Mowers, lawn stuff, hammers, wrenches, bikes, rakes.  Stuff like that.

NOT stuff.

Here at OHO Headquarters, we are pretty freaky about keeping our garage for those purposes only, most importantly to house our cars.  Captain OHO and I are weird about our cars, though…and I grew up in a house where my parents just kept adding garage stalls on.  Yeah, by today’s standards, that is technically a two-bedroom, two-bath, FOUR car garage house.  Talk about priorities–Hi Dad!

I’m not criticizing, but really–in this swamp climate, if you have a bunch of stuff in your garage, cluttering it up, it is getting destroyed–if not by weather, by mice and bugs.  Even if you don’t give two figs about your vehicles, why not call me up and let’s get it cleared out!

Trust me, it feels good to have an orderly garage…even if we find a dead mouse or two along the way.  Don’t you worry, I’ll handle them!