Fall is Here–Is Your Closet Ready?

I’ve got the urge, the urge to purge…someone’s closet!

Closets are some of the best places to start decluttering.  They’re small and contained (well, for the most part–I have seen some closets that were about to explode from clothing and accessory overload!) and once you declutter and organize your closet, you see immediate results.  A tidy, neat closet filled only with the clothes you love and wear and probably a stack of boxes and bags ready to take to the nearest thrift store!

Everyone and I mean everyone (including yours truly) has items in his/her closet that are going unworn, season after season.  Whether you rotate your spring/summer clothes out for fall/winter or have all four seasons in one space, there are always items that can be purged.

Did you know that the average woman only wears about 20% of her wardrobe? As usual, I offer you a very visual tip if you’d like to see exactly what you’re actually wearing:

When you wear an item and return it to your closet, simply turn the hanger backwards.

Boom. A great visual cue as to what is getting worn on a regular basis.

Hey–I am not judging. Life changes. Jobs change. Our weight fluctuates. We have to keep a couple of formal gowns around for the random ball or gala or whatever. I’m not saying run right up and bag up your closet.

However…switching over your seasonal wardrobe is a great opportunity to purge.  YOU know what you wore this summer.  You know what got heavy rotation, what you love, what you hate.  Jeans that are too tight, that pair is too low cut for your 45-year-old self. Which blouse’s neckline annoys you, which shoes gave you blisters. What trend just did not suit you (hello, overalls–great in 1994, not so great in 2019).

While you’re getting ready to switch over to sweaters, scarves, boots and outerwear, take a few minutes to complete the easy task of simply weeding out what you hate.

Poof! You are halfway done purging. Now make one more sweep of what’s left and get rid of any item that you DID love but has stains, tears, snags, pilling, or the dreaded white shirt underarm yellows. Unless you want to take time to drag it to the drycleaners or repair it, let it go (caveat: please do not donate stained/torn/gross items, just don’t…).

That should leave you with items that you DO plan on wearing next year. Make sure they are washed or dry cleaned and box them up or move them to one section of your closet.

Now, as you rotate in your fall things, repeat the process:  remember how much you hated fiddling with that big, chunky open-front sweater last year?  Let it go.  Didn’t wear that blouse at all last fall?  Into the bag.

You can organize your closet any way that makes sense to you. I have mine color coordinated. All black/blue/red/green shirts together, pants together, dresses together, outerwear together. There is no hard and fast rule, except that it needs to make sense to YOU and make it easy for you to find what you need quickly.

I promise:  getting dressed with LESS choices in clothing is easier than with MORE. If you don’t believe me, think back on your last vacation…you had a few outfits to mix and match.  Yeahhh, it was easier, wasn’t it?  Because you had less.

Remember–I am here to help you if your closet has overflowed out into your bedroom! If you need to reclaim your space and your peace of mind, just give me a call or send me a message.