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Hi there, I’m Rachel!

I am a military spouse of nearly 17 years who has lived to tell the tales of the PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves I have completed.  There were a few non-military moves in there too, because what could be better than moving YOURSELF, sometimes unnecessarily?  The best one was the house that we bought and I lived in, sans husband, for three months before hitting the road for Japan!  Call me a reluctant landlord, sigh.

Right now, I have an IRL job working in the construction world that keeps me challenged and on my toes on a daily basis.  I know so much more about toilets and grout than I did four years ago and I love it, but it means that organizing has become a weekend hobby–yes, I said “hobby” because some people love to golf, but I love to roll my sleeves up and help you get organized.  If you want to talk about grout or your kitchen remodeling dreams while we’re filling trash bags, no problem.

My family and I have lived on both coasts, Europe and Japan (twice).  I love living an organized life and I want to help other people, military or not, enjoy the benefits of paring back the “stuff”, getting organized and learning about the benefits of living with less.

Are you the ruler of your domain, the keeper of your happy home, or are your belongings ruling your life, taking up valuable space and costing you time, energy and money?

Orderly Home Organizer to the rescue!  Call me, text me, e-mail me or contact me through this website and let’s set up a time for a free consultation!


Contact me–let’s get started!