Before & After

Here are a few sets of before and after shots from some of my jobs–I must confess to forgetting to always take before and after pictures…I just get so excited to dive in and get to work!

One of my first clients in Japan…

Is your pantry overflowing?  PCS Prepper can help with that!

Post-PCS office declutter and organize…

Master bedroom/closet declutter/organize and the bags of clothes lined up for donation!

25+ years of clutter with a client downsizing into a smaller home…

Sellers Basement 4And…after!

Helping clients declutter their garage prior to moving!

shepard office before 2shepard office after 1Home office declutter prior to PCS!

Clearing the closet and taming clothes clutter…

Storage/Laundry area–from impassable to organized and accessible!

Garage declutter/organize – August 2019

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