If you are not located in Northern Virginia, please know that I am happy to answer questions and give encouragement and advice via the Internet!  E-mail me at  I would be happy to dispense advice on all things organizing!

I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation within a 10 mile radius of my home in Burke.  During that time, you and I can discuss the areas that you would like to get started on and I can give you an estimate of how many sessions it would likely take to achieve your goals.  Together, we can make a plan to start decluttering and get you organized!

If you choose to book with me (and I hope you do because you and I will have fun–yes, FUN), I book in 4-hour sessions.  Four hours is the maximum amount of time that I’ve found people have the energy to declutter and organize.  Decluttering is hard work–both physically and mentally.  I’m there to help keep you on track and take care of each item as we decide whether to keep, donate, recycle or trash it.  Don’t worry–we can get a LOT done in a 4-hour session!

My hourly rate is $40/hr, so each 4-hour session = $160.  If you know you’ll need multiple visits with me, I am happy to discuss a package deal.  Does $40/hr seem like a lot?  It isn’t a small amount, it’s true, but most professional organizers in the DC area charge double or even triple that amount.

Right now (August 2019), I am working a job that is fairly demanding (if you’re reading this and want someone to remodel your house, hit me UP), so I organize on weekends only.  If that schedule fits your schedule, then let’s get you on the books for a consultation and start decluttering!

I am happy to dispose of items for you within limits.  I don’t have a U-Haul truck, but I’m happy to take clothing or small household items to the Goodwill for you.  If you have a collection of items that we feel might be able to be sold, we can discuss that, but I am not an auction service or an appraiser and will request a percentage of the proceeds from any sold items as a fee for my time and energy to sell them.  One more thing:  I am not a cleaner.  You are welcome to clean surfaces after decluttering and before organizing and I encourage you to do so!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Contact me–let’s get started!