See what people are saying about PCS Prepper/Orderly Home!

“I highly recommend Orderly Home Organizer. In four short hours Rachel helped me get my closet completely organized and color-coded and got a good portion of my basement de-cluttered, which I have struggled with FOREVER! She also gave me storage tips, which I am putting into action to make my home and life better organized. I can’t wait until our next appointment! Thanks!”  Darlene, Burke–June 2017

“Rachel has a true gift! I’m so glad I hired her to help me declutter and prepare for our move. After 10 years in one house, it’s a little daunting. She’s taking the stress out of the process. Thank you!”  Julie S., Alexandria–May 2017

“Can’t believe all that we accomplished in 4 hours. My bedroom is 7 trash bags lighter thanks to your organization and purging skills. Thank you so much!”  Sarah H., Alexandria–April 2017

“Rachel is a great organizer and is easy to work with. She made decluttering very easy and not a chore.”  John & Diane S., Fairfax, January-April 2017

“I spent nearly three hours today with PCS Prepper and it was really time well spent! I fully admit that I lack organization skills and motivation, but PCS Prepper provided both! Without pushing me to do anything I didn’t want to do, we accomplished our goal (a de-cluttered and organized master closet) and had a great time, too. My closet looks great!! Thanks so much!!”  Jennifer O., Springfield, July 2016

“I was a bit overwhelmed about my first PCS, and Rachel was just the ‘can do’ voice of reason that I needed! Not only is she able to speak from the experience of many moves, she is also very able to point you in the right direction when she doesn’t have an answer off the top of her head. She was able to help me quickly put together concrete action items, and I know that I’ve saved several resources that she’s shared here for future reference! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Sarah W., March 2016

“The services PCS Prepper offers are wonderful resources for organizing and PCSing! If you are in the DC/NOVA area and preparing for a PCS, go ahead and treat yourself to a few hours with the amazing talents behind PCS Prepper! We spent 4 hours turning my master bedroom from a catch-all hot mess into a clutter free relaxing room again!! I cannot highly recommend her services enough. I am a type-A person that runs my house, but I was completely overwhelmed facing my first PCS. I was thankful to have her experience and encouragement to get me through stacks of papers, books, and toddler art. THANK YOU!!”  Heather C., Manassas, January 2016

“This was just the motivation I needed, I avoided taking care of clutter as it was overwhelming but PCS Prepper to the rescue. If I were to have done this with my husband there would have been tears and frustration, not with her, it was kind words of encouragement and praise! My room looks awesome and cannot wait to do another room. I can start to breath again and love my tatami room again.”  Tricia M., Japan, June 2015

“All I can truly say is AWESOME!!!!!!! Letting Go has a New Space in my Vocabulary! Great Motivator to get rid of all the unnecessary items that I have been carrying for far to long! Some almost 15 year (I know, That is SAD!) She is a total Professional and a complete Joy to work side by side with. Did not make me feel bad about my Collecting….ok, Hoarding of many Clothes! That thought of….. ” I might get back into that outfit”….. “Hubby hates that shirt”……”I just Lo…ve that one”…… ” My _____ gave me that” ….and the “OMG, What was I thinking” did not even make her shrug……she just asked me the questions ” Do you Love it”…. “Does it give you Joy”……” Does it have Meaning” and so on…..finally I made the Decision……Let it Go to Many things and I Feel so GREAT. What a difference it has Made! Thank you so much for the help Organizing, Downsizing, Fun and Laughter we shared in my first Experience with PCS Prepper…..I Highly Recommend her Services…You will not Regret it!”  Sonja M., Japan, May 2015